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What is LOB?

It's a risky shot. Luckily, we love taking risks! 


LOB is a lofted shot that sends the Pickleball ball high overhead and deep, typically hit with an open paddle face. 


The purpose is to catch the opponent off guard or force him back to the baseline. It can also be effective as a defensive shot to buy time to get into position for an offensive shot.


Hit a LOB and smash your opponent

From the baseline, take a backswing and contact the Pickleball ball in front of the body with paddle face open to lift the ball and send it high, then follow through fully (paddle at least head high).


The trajectory should carry the Pickleball ball over the opponent’s outstretched paddle and land inbounds near the baseline.


Lobbing over the opponent can create the advantage of surprise.


7 Fundamentals of Pickleball

1. The serve must be done underhand

2. The serve must land beyond the no-volley zone line

3. There are no “lets” on the serve

4. The serve and return must bounce

5. Only groundstrokes in the no-volley zone

6. Points are earned only when you’re serving

7. The game is played to 11


Why is Pickleball so popular?

It's that mix of accessibility and competitiveness.

What is pickleball? 

Pickleball is a really fun sport! Think of it as table tennis, meets traditional tennis, meets badminton. You have a net, a court, paddles, and a lightweight ball (similar to a wiffle ball). Players can face off in singles or doubles, just like traditional tennis. It is a game that is appropriate for players of all ages and skill levels. Rules for pickleball are simple, making it a great introductory sport.


If you are new to playing pickleball, you may be interested in some strategies for your game. Here are some tips to keep in mind on the court.


  • If you notice an opponent has a weak forehand or backhand, try to serve on their weak side. It would be ideal to serve deep in the court. Be careful not to hit it out though.

  • Be sure to be in a ready position after every volley you hit back.

  • When playing doubles, hit the ball down the middle of the court. This will cause your opponents to quickly decide who will go for it, leading to potential errors on their side.

  • Surprise your opponent with a different kind of shot. Use one type consistently before surprising them with another that throws them off.

  • Try to avoid hitting the ball to your opponent. Use shots that force them to move!

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