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All that talent, where do you take it?

Buy now the ultimate Pickleball Bag!



We designed a bag with a dedicated pocket to keep your pickleball paddles protected and ready to use on the court. Plus, it comes with three additional pouches to store up to two Pickleball balls, your water bottle and additional personal items. We hear your excitement, and we are all set for you to rock the field.

As strong as you

Its outer case design is made of 900D Oxford fabric with a base of rubber reinforced feet, and YKK zippers for maximum durability. Interior made from 210D Oxford fabric with a rugged, collapsible foam bottom. Carry your gear by hand with its integrated hand strap, or from your shoulder with its special grip for more ease and comfort. 

From work to court

Inside the bag you will find everything you need for your day and for a match with your team. You have a zippered pocket to store items such as cell phone, keys, or speakerphone. Spacious surface to carry all your essentials, no matter the size! 

Choose your style!

Your Pickleball bag should match your style every time you hit the court, so you can pick between two color schemes for your LOB Pickeball Bag: Blue and Orange, or Black and Red!

Small props, big game-changer

Accessorize your match with a fence hook to hang your bag, speaker, iPod, or towel on the field fence or wall. Breathable bag made of 900D Oxford fabric exterior and 210D Oxford fabric with mesh to store your underwear and personal items hygienically. Plus, carry up to 4 pickleballs in an extra nylon mesh bag.

Smooth your way into the game with Pickleball Extras

Level up in and out of the court


Fence Hook

Your most important items should not touch the ground. Take the fence hook to hang your bag, towel or sport supplies. Gorgeous and sturdy, it's the perfect addition to the playing field. 

Transpirable Pouch

Don’t mingle! Some articles should be stored apart. Take this additional pouch made of 900D Oxford fabric exterior and 210D Oxford fabric interior with transpirable mesh to keep your essentials stored hygienically. 

Pickleball Nylon

Mesh Bag

Carry up to 4 pickleball balls and let’s get the game started. 

Diseño sin título (3).jpg

Easy to start, impossible to stop!

  1. Combining elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, it’s a fun and easy-to-learn game. 

  2. Badminton-sized court and slightly modified tennis net. Basically, the best of both worlds.

  3. Play indoors or outdoors, your choice!  

  4. Played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.

  5. Played as doubles or singles.

  6. Can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels!

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